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20 Entertainments Held in the Amphitheater

Continuing the desert theme, today's post provides some insight into what the PC's might see if they go to the amphitheater. Usually, like a football stadium today, it will be empty. However, once a week or once a month, depending upon the richness of the city, some sort of event or festival is likely to attact enough of a crowd to use the amphitheater. Some events may well start as processions or parades outside of the amphitheater, but end up inside for their finale. Not all of the events that occur within the amphitheater are sanctioned by the city. Because there is no permenant staff there, it often sits empty and unguarded. Finally, the table below only describes the main event going on in the amphitheater, on another day I will add a table for events within crowds. Without further delay I present 20 Entertainments Held in an Amphitheater. Happy Gaming!

  1. An extremely aged elf bard is performing traditional elvish songs and ballads.

  2. A Gnomish puppetmaster captivates the young and old alike with his comedy and skills.

  3. A long line of young women dance and sing together in some sort of fertility pageant.

  4. "The Moonlit Rebellion", a moonlit poetry recital held without official sanction, but attracting folks.

  5. A state-sanctioned punishment, a man being stoned to death for the crime of poisoning water.

  6. A travelling exhibit of amazing technological marvels found in the deep desert.

  7. A renown orc ballet company performs the classic piece, Swans Break.

  8. The wedding celebration of a noble family. Invitations might be necessary.

  9. The amazing acrobatic displays of "5 with 6", a 5 thri-kreen team of acrobatic bards and rogues.

  10. Step right up! Get a bottle NOW of The Wondrous Glandor's Elixer of Health and Regeneration!

  11. An amazing display of fireworks being presented in honor of Pasha Muhasein's birthday.

  12. An invisible bard with a trained monkey who juggles other animals and does prop comedy.

  13. The College of Sages proudly presents the Shoggoth Players interpretation of "The Shah in Yellow"

  14. A comedy routine about building a wall performed by a tall orc, a fat dwarf, and a skinny halfling.

  15. An official announcement from the vizier with trumpeting heralds and magical fanfares.

  16. A midnight gathering of protesters against the growing power of guilds. This could get ugly fast.

  17. A ceremony honoring the brave heroes of the city guard who died fighting a giant 15 years ago.

  18. The festival of flowers, when the amphitheater is filled with flowers in the fall when all gardens in the city must be converted to growing food.

  19. An official ceremony of welcome for a visiting Pasha from another city with much pomp and flair.

  20. The celebration of the End of the Fast of Shalzbot; a religious fast lasting a lunar month.

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