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20 (or More) Shops to Find in a Desert Bazaar

The PC's are searching the desert bazaar. What shops and businesses are they likely to find? Here is another list of 20 (or more) merchants meant to inspire GM's who are looking for material to enhance their desert-based games. The table was meant to be generic enough to be used for nearly any rpg system, but you may have to adjust the Races to be right for your game. Roll them up straight or mix and match results for more variety. I hope that you can find some inspiration here to create something far better for your own game. Have fun and game on!

  1. Cloth Merchant with Bolts of Cloth Human Female Attracted to a Member of the Party

  2. Potter with Bowls, Pots, and Plates Half-Elven Male Believes one of the PC's is a thief

  3. Trader with Dried Fruit and Herbs Elven Female Willing to Make a Deal; Quite a Talker

  4. Goat Market with an Auctioneer Human Male Trusts No One -- Money First.

  5. Miner with Salt, Spices, and Gems Dwarven Male A Talkative and Friendly Merchant

  6. Scribe with Ink and Blank Scrolls Tiefling Female Very Curiously Eyeing the Party

  7. Glass Blower with Bottles and Beads Half-Orc Male Suspicious of the PC's

  8. Armor and Shield Merchant Human Male Is really an Assassin waiting for the target

  9. Potions, Scrolls, and Trinkets Half-Elven Female Running a Popular Tent; It's crowded here.

  10. Incense and Spell Components Tiefling Male Believes He/She Knows One of the PC's

  11. Oil Lamps, Rugs, and Wall Hangings Human Female Just a Merchant Trying to Earn an Living

  12. Fresh Melons, Lemons, and Nuts Human Male A Gossip about the Activities of the Guilds

  13. Cheeses, Hummus, and Mushrooms Dwarven Female Has a Crush on Another Merchant

  14. Fortune Teller, Healer, and Midwife Human Female Cautiously Looks Each PC Up and Down

  15. Perfumes, Scented Oils, and Soap Half-Orc Female Well-Liked and Mentioned by Other Sellers

  16. Thinker, Sage, Philosopher, Engineer Human Male An Eccentric Genius Who is Often Drunk

  17. Pawn Broker and Loan Shark Human Male A Tough Outside, but has a Heart of Gold

  18. Pipes, Tobacco, and Hashish Gnome Male A New Vendor in the Bazaar with 0 Friends

  19. Coffee, Tea, and Cocoa Human Female Not Really Good at the Job; Has 0 Concern

  20. Tents, Tarps, and Luggage Human Male Not Friendly, but Also Not Just Rude

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