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20 Locations Inside a Large Desert City

In past blog entries, I had been doing sea-side and port town tables of various sorts, but now I am going to take you far from the sea, into the deep desert sands. This will be the first in a series of tables for creatures, people, places, and things that your PC's might find in the desert. We will start with 20 places that your PC's might find in a large desert city. This table is generic and can be used for either fantasy or scifi themed games. Enjoy.

  1. A Guild Hall (1-Merchant, 2-Thieves, 3-Assassins, 4-Mages, 5-Caravan, 6-Slavers)

  2. The Vizier's Tower

  3. A Bazaar (Another day there will be a post to populate the bazaar with merchants.)

  4. Grain Silos

  5. Hostel (In the deep desert this town expects few visitors so there are NO inns.)

  6. Aquaduct

  7. Slave Market

  8. Amphitheater (Another day ther will be a post about entertainments to view in this place)

  9. Caravan District (Where animals and wagons are kept and prepared for travel out into the desert.)

  10. Bath House (Another day there will be encounters in the Bath House.)

  11. A Palace or Noble's House (Another day there will be a post to list Upper Class citizens in the town.)

  12. A Gambling Den (Another day there will be encounters in the Gambling Den.)

  13. Temple (1-Ruler's Religion, 2-Religion of the Slaves, 3-Non-Human Dieties, 4-Evil Desert Cult)

  14. Water Tower Fortress

  15. Apothecary / Healer

  16. Large Outdoor Kiln for Statuary, Large Custom Masonry, Large Pots, etc.

  17. Celestial Observatory and Sage's College

  18. Barracks for the Ruler's Troops

  19. A Grand Circus (a 1 Mile/Lap Chariot Race Track)

  20. Private Gardens

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