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20 Encounters on a Busy Dockside

This week's theme has been what would the PC's see in a busy port. Continuing that theme, today's table is a collection of encounters with other, busy people on the docks. I hope this helps to bring some life and "sea salt" to your RPG's. Enjoy.

  1. A sorcerer's apprentice is going from ship to ship looking for fresh fish eyes.

  2. A newly-promoted ship's officer is heading out with his mates to celebrate.

  3. An old woman on the docks begs for food for both her cat and herself.

  4. A pair of red-robed clerics are walking along the docks blessing the fishing fleet.

  5. A thin coachman struggles alone to move a pair of noble passengers' trunks to his coach.

  6. A group of dockworkers are singing, as they unload a large merchantman.

  7. An old fisherman fixing his nets casually spits as your PC's walk by.

  8. A troop of guardsmen are marching a prisoner off the docks and to the fort to lock him up.

  9. A trio of grey-robed monks are tending to the wounds of a sailor injured by a runaway barrel.

  10. A captain, on the way to his ship and lost in thought, carelessly bumps into a PC.

  11. A disagreement between a group of sailors and a group of shepherds as to who would be the first to bed a sheep has developed into a full-fledged brawl.

  12. A group of longshoremen work to load up a caravan of 8 wagons parked at the docks.

  13. A small patrol of guard accompanies the harbor-master and his clerks as they make their rounds assessing portage fees.

  14. Two piers away a quarterstaff fight is currently happening between a pirate and a monk. A betting crowd gathers to watch.

  15. A comedy duo of bards is making its way down the docks joking, singing, and laughing as they do. They are attracting a lot of attention.

  16. A noble ship owner with two livery-wearing guards is coming to check on his ship which is due in port soon.

  17. Clerks of the High Court, carrying an ornate scroll, rush down the docks toward a ship that is preparing to leave port.

  18. Merchants of the various guild houses walk up and down the docks assessing their cargo.

  19. A fancy noble's carriage and a full entourage await the arrival of a princess from over the sea.

  20. An oyster cart girl is selling fresh shellfish, calling out her wares as she walks along the docks.

Arya, or "Lanna", sells oysters, clams, and cockles on the canal streets. - from Game of Thrones Wiki

If you have found this pleasing to your eyes, then you might also like these wharf rats and their rumors. Poke around; you might find other stuff you'd like on the site as well. You can also click on the link below to check out our products available on DTRPG.

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