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20 (or More) Ships to Find at the Docks

We've been discussing things that one might find on the dockside this week. One cannot ignore the fact that the reason most people go to the docks is to find a ship. If you find yourself in need of a few quick ships, then you can use the table below. A few rolls on this table and you'll have your whole harbor filled up before you know it; just don't forget WHY the PC's are on the docks to begin with. Without further flapping, here is today's table -- Enjoy.

Name Type Description Owner(s)

  1. Abigale Merchantman She's an old and leaky tub. Merchant Guild

  2. Baron of the Seas Xebec She's in port for repairs. Pirate

  3. Cygnus Carrack She was recently captured. Temple of ???

  4. Fying Djinn Galley She has many old battle scars. Powerful Mage

  5. Stalwart Sloop She needs crew members. Thieves Guild

  6. Galopagas Gunboat She's loading up cargo. Navy

  7. Gargoyle Frigate She needs ship's stores. Powerful Noble

  8. Handmaiden Ketch Her best days are long behind her. Ship's Captain

  9. Katana Pinnace She has recent battle damage. Adventurers

  10. Heng Sou Junk She was recently captured as a prize. Mercenary Guild

  11. Akulla War Junk She's looking for a skilled navigator. Non-Humans

  12. Kingfisher Galeass She's unloading barrels of tobacco. Noble House

  13. Khaohonda Longship She's old, but she's well-kept. Ship's Navigator

  14. Komodo Towership Her sails are in tatters from a storm. Mage's Guild

  15. Neuchaftel Merchant Caravel She needs lumber and a cooper. Merchant House

  16. Pawnee Hauler Flyte She's newly-built and ready to sail. Private Shipping

  17. Rainbow Fish Fishing Ship She's taking on barrels of wine. Smuggler

  18. Shenandoah Brig She's missing her bosun; he's been murdered. Local Governor

  19. Tropical Trader Barque Recently captured as a prize; she's barely seaworthy. Unknown

  20. Wellington Man-o-War She's an old ship, but her crew loves her dearly. The King

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