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20 Books to Find in a Ship Captain's Library

This week we've been looking over some sailing topics. Sailing can honestly be pretty boring if nothing's going wrong, especially if you are only a passenger. In well-protected shipping lanes, a ship might go a week, or more, between significant encounters. What was there to do on a ship before there were Carnival Cruises? - A whole lot of nothing, basically. The ship moves too fast for casual fishing, there are no large open spaces for Zumba classes, and closest thing that most ships have to a "cruise director" is a greasy old cook who has the shakes and smells funny. Quite honestly, the best you can probably hope for in entertainment is that the captain of your ship has a library of some sort. It's probably best just to embrace the boredom.

A long while back, I published a list of 20 things that your PC's could find when searching the Captain's cabin of a ship. Among the items listed were a small collection of books. This is that collection of books, but before you start perusing the titles and names you should know that any duplication between these titles and actual books is a complete coincidence. Ready to plunder the Captain's library? Here it is . . .

  1. ​A History of the Spailish Navigation Guild by Don Julio Mercado

  2. Fowler's Study of Human and Demi-Human Anatomy by Dr. August Fowler

  3. The Imperial History of Galicia by Thyroderus

  4. Dark Clerics and Their Symbols by an unknown scholar

  5. Settler's Progress by Captain Miles Stabhard

  6. The Holy Books of the Sea by St. Erasmus

  7. The Rime of the Elderly Fisherman by Sam Cooler

  8. Common Sense and the Right of Man by A. Pain

  9. The Rise and Fall of the Atlantean Empire by Sir Gibson

  10. The Life and Opinions of Humperdink Bandersnoot, Gentleman

  11. A Monk's Road by Brother Anonymous

  12. The Mysteries of Rudolfo by Anton Radcliff

  13. In Pirate Waters: A scouting report of the Albion Navy

  14. In the Shipyards of Breen by Sir Thomas Wright

  15. Mysteries of the Dark Continent by Captain Blunderous

  16. Beasts of the Unknown Sea by Captain Tydarius

  17. Hunting the Aboleth by Captain Tobias Flint

  18. The Arguments of the Philosopher Platon

  19. A Study of Magical Effects: some hand-written notes

  20. The Standard Guide to Merchant Cargo Loading

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