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20 Items to Find in the Captain's Cabin

The PC's are victorious! They have taken the enemy ship. This little table is to help GM's with one of the questions that comes next ---> "I search the Captain's cabin; what do I find?"

  1. A golden pocket watch that runs backwards

  2. A small scrimshaw figurine of a mermaid

  3. A monogrammed silk handkerchief

  4. A small hourglass

  5. The ship's log book

  6. 1d6 nautical maps and charts

  7. A 3/4 full bottle of fine wine

  8. A 1/2 full bottle of aged whisky

  9. A monkey-fist throw rope

  10. A small, covered, oil lamp

  11. A small library of 6 - 18 books on various subjects

  12. A luxurious, stuffed, velvet chair

  13. A finely-made spy glass

  14. A small selection of navigational tools (compass, sextant, straight edge, calipers, quill, ink, parchment, etc.)

  15. A finely-crafted native spear decorated with brightly-colored feathers and shells

  16. An oilskin overcloak with hood

  17. A loaded and cocked pistol, hidden in a desk drawer.

  18. A silver saint's medallion

  19. A musical instrument

  20. A small chest of gold and silver coins (1d4 x 100 gold piece value)

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