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If you can't Gen Con, then Gen Can't

Thousands of gaming enthusiasts are gathering this weekend in Indianopolis to celebrate Gen Con. I am one of the many who will NOT be attending Gen Con this year. While this makes me sad, I found something to lift my spirits a little and maybe it will lift yours, too. Gen Can't is a virtual convention for those who cannot make it to Gen Con. There are give-aways, contests, pictures, solo-gaming, and lots of fun for those who cannot make it to Indy this year.

Here is where you can find information on the Gen Can't Solo Gaming Con

Also, the folks at Board Game Geek have a livestream that you might enjoy watching.

Here is an UNOFFICIAL Virtual Vendors Hall for Gen Can't Here's just one example of some of the fun to be had with solo gaming . . .

++Outgoing Transmission LEVEL RED ++

Blood Angels Mission Report 7362-1

Brother Sergeant Lorenzo Reporting:

Space Hulk ++Sin of Damnation++ boarded and Genestealer infestation removed with extreme prejudice. Forward launch controls destroyed. 50% casualties to Terminator Squad Alpha. Encrypted pictures attached

We live. We die. Forever forward for Sanguinius and the Red Grail!

++End Transmission++

Whatever you choose to do this weekend, we hope you have fun!

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