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My name is Mark Cookman and I love games.  I have played and reviewed more than 65 Different Zombie Games.  I wrote the zombie apocalypse campaign supplement book Welcome to Mortiston, USA.  I search out useful sites, tips, and tricks for Tabletop GM's in The Pirate GM's News. I am also the chief cook and bottle washer for a small press RPG publisher called Black Shark Enterprises.  I am now also the skipper of the 36' sloop, Defiance.

Black Shark Enterprises is a family business. We create imaginative RPG products meant to help the GM with game prep. With products ranging in setting from Ancient Greece to the Post Apocalyptic Wastes, we strive to have a little something for everyone. Our first love though is nautically-based supplements with more than a dash of pirate seasoning. Please look over our catalog and see if you find anything that sparks your interest.


Thanks for your support.

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