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Fist 'em Hard!


If you are running a pirate or nautical-themed campaign, then you need The Pirate GM's Right Fist.  This powerful game mastering tool is compatible with both Pathfinder and the Most Popular Fantasy RPG in the World. It contains the tables and charts a GM needs to run fun and detailed nautical adventures in any RPG, even if you don't know your cross jack-yard from your poop deck. The Pirate GM's Right Fist is a SILVER best seller on DriveThruRPG. Get your copy today.

There's all manner of useful information too which will make even the most landlubber of GMs sound like a salty sea dog and aid him in calculating how much treasure a ship can carry and even how long it will take to unload your spoils. . . .


If you run pirate games, or even those with a nautical twist, this is worth a look.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! 

Megan R.  Featured Reviewer @ DriveThruRPG

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